Vice Rector III (left) and Vice Rector I (right) of UMY with Vice President of Savoei Mount Blanc (center)

Following the deal with Savoie Mont Blanc, Faculty of Engineering UMY got the MoU on Thursday (26/05) in Chambery, France. The signing was immediately attended by Vice Rector I of UMY, Vice Rector III of UMY, Head of Cooperation Bureau UMY, and Vice Dean II Faculty of ENgineering UMY together with Vice President of Savoie Mont Blanc, Denis Varaschin held on campus of Savoei Mont Blanc France.

The signing of this MoU contains a rapid-track cooperation program where Faculty of Engineering UMY students can directly continue their master’s degree in Savoei Mont Blanc within 5 years have been able to complete the study until master level. The next plan is a two-way Student Exchange program from which Savoei Mont Blanc will undertake an internship at a construction project at UMY. Another activity is joint research for lecturers from 4 study programs at Faculty of Engineering UMY. It is expected that this cooperation will be implemented in 2017. (Anya)