MoU UMY dan Indonesia Power

MoU singing process by The Dean of Faculty of Engineering (left) and The General Manager of Indonesia Power (right)

Wednesday (20/04), Faculty of Engineering UMY had MoU signing again after MoU signing with Physics Research Center of LIPI a day prior. This memorandum of understanding is made between the Faculty of Engineering UMY with PT. Indonesia Power – Power Unit Mrica in General Stadium Room, Faculty of Engineering UMY. The signing was attended by the Dean of Faculty of Engineering UMY and the General Manager of PT. Indonesia Power, Sigit Ariefiatmoko. The cooperation included researches and internships for engineering students of UMY, especially students of Electrical Engineering.

  1. Indonesia Power is a subsidiary from PT. PLN in the field of Electrical Power Generation. Beofre, Faculty of Engineering UMY had completed an informal cooperation with PT. Indonesia Power, as there were some students of Electrical and Civil Engineering who had internships in Indonesia Power-UP, Mrica.

General Manager PT. Indonesia Power also added that the generating units of Indonesia Power are not only in Mrica but also in another spots in Java Island, it hoped to increase students’ interest and to help students to contribute.