Learning Process

In the framework of learning activities at the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty conducts monitoring and evaluation of the learning process in each study program within the Faculty of Engineering. In order to monitor and evaluate the learning process, the real things that have been done by the Faculty so far is to coordinate the activities of learning planning, facilitating and monitoring the process of learning implementation and coordination of learning evaluation activities and quality assurance of learning.

A. Planning of Learning Activities

Before the learning activities in each semester are started, the Faculty conducts coordination meetings with all courses in the Faculty of Engineering in the planning of learning in the coming semesters. This activity discusses the readiness of human resources and supporting facilities. In relation to the planning activities, the Faculty creates an academic calendar each semester which becomes the reference of each study program in making the lesson plan, which is based on the university academic calendar. Faculty also assist / facilitate in activity of arrangement of lecture schedule, mid and final semester examination schedule and key activity in KRS student. With the variable number of students, the number of classes, and the number of lecturers scheduling aspect is vital to ensure the learning process goes smoothly. To ensure that there is no clash in the use of space as well as the schedule of teaching lecturers, the faculty has provided facilities in the form of software and software operator preparation of lecture and exam schedules. Standard Operational Procedure in the preparation of the schedule are as follows:

  1. Each study program designs the schedule manually
  2. Schedule design submitted to the faculty to be compiled and arranged as a whole taking into account the needs of each department and the availability of space and time
  3. The schedule is announced to lecturers and students

In this inserting activity other than those described above, the role of the Faculty is to check the eligibility of the course qualifiers in the semester to be implemented. In addition, the Faculty also plays a role in administrative preparation that supports the implementation of the learning process, such as class division, press presence and etc.

B. Learning process

After the planning activities are completed, the Faculty facilitates the study program in conducting the learning process. First, the Faculty facilitates each course by assisting in class division and preparing the presences of each course in a semester. Faculty also conduct monitoring and ensure learning activities have started, by checking the presence of lecturers and students, which can be accessed via online. Faculty also monitors the facilities and infrastructure of the lectures, and finds a solution if there are problems found in the field.

Coordination to discuss and seek completion related to lecture facilities and infrastructure, is done through a meeting of facilities and infrastructure between faculty and university conducted every Thursday.

In addition, the Faculty also facilitates students in preparing and making administrative requirements for the purposes of Final Project, Job Training, Customs and others. Faculty also coordinate the learning evaluation activities of semester and the end of semester of study program that exist in Faculty of Engineering,

C. Evaluation of Learning

Faculty of Engineering make coordinate to evaluate the implementation of learning in all study programs in the Faculty at the end of each semester. Evaluation activities are intended to find problems that arise during the implementation of learning in the semester in question, as a material improvement for the implementation of learning activities in the next semester. Faculty also assist the study program in monitoring the results of evaluation of learning issued by the lecturers, so that the students’ grades per semester are expected to enter in a timely manner.

D. Quality Assurance Activities

Faculty assist in quality assurance activities of academic activities in each study program. Faculty of Engineering UMY has a quality assurance system integrated with quality assurance system at university level. In the system, monitoring and evaluation of the learning process is supported by the Quality Control Group (GKM) which consists of representatives from each study program and faculty. The Quality Control Group is tasked with monitoring and evaluating the learning process in terms of lectures, practical work, field practice, and examination. Continuously every semester, Quality Control Group holds meetings with students and responsible academic activities to discuss academic achievements and academic quality planning. Every semester, in order to carry out Internal Monitoring and Evaluation (MONEVIN), Quality Control Group develops a questionnaire and collects performance data from each study program to evaluate the learning process that has been implemented. The conclusions and findings of the evaluation results are reported to the Quality Control Board (BKM) Performance Report of the Work Unit to be processed and integrated into the University’s Academic Performance Report comprehensively and reported on the mechanism of the University Annual Working Meeting (RKTT) at the end of the semester of the semester / the same is also done for the Annual Working Meeting (RKT) at the end of the year continuously and continuously.

In the examination process, both semester and semester exam, faculty form the exam committee and the team of exam supervisor lecturers. The examination committee consists of lecturers who are not structural, educators, and students / prospective alumni. The main duties and functions of the exam committee are to carry out the execution of the exam, including the distribution of the test card, the division of chambers and chairs, and the managers of the exams.

Shape of follow-up result of monitoring and evaluation of learning, based on result of monitoring and evaluation, at mechanism of RKTT is done giving award for faculty with best academic performance as reward / punishment form. Furthermore, the faculty must follow up the results of academic performance that have been submitted to the mechanism of the RKKT. Follow-up by FT UMY related to this is the discussion at the meeting of faculty and study leaders, plenary meeting of faculty, and meeting of faculty senate. In addition to reward / punishment at the university level, rewards and punishment provided by the faculty to personnel related to academic performance can be in the form of financial and non-financial as incentive to accelerate the collection of test scores, oral and written warning, lecturer involvement delay in examination of student awareness and thesis, and etc. Follow up is part of the faculty effort to always improve the academic quality including the quality of the learning process.