Vision and Mission


  • Vision:

Towards excellent Faculty of engineering in developing global-oriented technology and innovation based on Islamic values for the benefit of the people.

  • Mission:
  1. Conduct professional education, research and community service;
  2. Develop students to become excellent and Islamic graduates;
  3. Develop technology and innovation as the contribution to the improvement of people's welfare;
  4. Act as a center of Muhammadiyah development in engineering field for the realization of advanced society;
  5. Develop the cooperation in regional, national and international area with the other parties in mutual cooperation;

Purpose :

  • General Purpose :

"Produce excellent and islamic graduates and technology advancement and people welfare"

  • Special Purpose :
  1. The implementation of engineering higher education to produce graduates who are capable to apply or create a jobs.
  2. The implementation of research that contribute in technology development.
  3. The implementation of empowerment-oriented community service.
  4. The establishment of an engineering study center that contribute to realize the society improvement.