Vision and Mission


  • Vision:

Becoming a Superior Faculty of Engineering in global oriented of technology and innovation development based on Islamic values ​​for the benefit of the ummah.

  • Mission:
  1. To conduct education, research and community service professionally;
  2. To develop the students become an excellent and Islamic graduates;
  3. To develop technology and innovation as the contribution to the improvement of people's welfare;
  4. To act as a center of Muhammadiyah development in engineering field to realize the advance society;
  5. To develop the cooperation in regional, national and international area with the other parties in mutual cooperation.

Purpose :

  • General Purpose :

"To produce the superior and Islamic graduates and technological development for the society's welfare"

  • Special Purpose :
  1. The implementation of engineering higher education in order to produce the graduate who are capable to apply or create a job.
  2. The implementation of research that contribute in technology development.
  3. The implementation of empowerment oriented community service.
  4. To established an engineering study center that contribute to realize the society improvement.