Quality Assurance

A. Quality Policy

  1. Statement of Policy

To achieve the vision, mission and purpose effectively, efficiently and accountably, every unit in Faculty of Engineering Program have to design and carry out the task, function and services based on the improvement of the quality standards and follow the manual or specific procedure in Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI) and periodically conducted self-evaluation and internal quality audit (AMAI).

  1. Purpose of Policy

To ensure that every unit in Faculty of Engineering Program performed the task and function based on the standard to realize the transparency and accountability of Faculty of Engineering Program in order to make the stakeholders invites all the parties of Faculty of Engineering Program to achieve the goals and improve the quality (read more..)

B. Quality Manual

The quality management system in Faculty of Engineering Program Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta refers to ISO 9001:2015. The scope of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 in Faculty of Engineering  Program UMY includes the education, research and community service. The Management of these processes based on the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 involves the functions/sections in the organization, such as: Academic and Student Affairs, Resources, Communication and Business, Research and Innovation. The implementation of the quality management system is an effective and strategic to improve the performance as gradually and continuously. Thus, it make the performance have same direction with the vision and mission of Faculty of Engineering Program UMY.

The benefits of Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 in Faculty of Engineering Program UMY such as:

  1. Capable to provide the graduates to fulfill the customer needs.
  2. Capable to facilitate the customers in order to increase the customers’ satisfaction.
  3. Capable to show the compatibility with the requirements of the internal quality assurance system that have been before.
  4. Capable to handle the risks and opportunities (read more…)

C. Quality Goals

Quality standard of Faculty of Engineering Program UMY apporached the process of development, implementation and impovement of the effectivess of the quality management system, to improve the satisfaction of customer by fulfill the customer requirements.

Faculty of Engineering Program UMY comprehend and managed the interrelated process as the contribution system to the effectiveness and efficiency to achieve the result based on the vision of Faculty of Engineering Program UMY. This approach possible to control the interrelationship and interdependencies among the process that implemented in faculty, thus it can improve the performance in Faculty of Engineering Program UMY.

The process approach involves the systematic definition, management process and interaction in order to achive the goal in accordance with the quality policy and the quality objectives of Faculty of Engineering program UMY. The overall management process and system can be achieved by the PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) cycle. This overall process focus on the risk to take the advantage form the opportunity and avoid something undesirable.

The implementation of the process approach in quality management systems allows :(read more…)

D. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) basically is a guideline which contain the standard operating procedures in organization that used to ensure that all of the decision and action, and the facilities utilization are running efficienty and effective, consistent, standard and systematic. SOP is expected to improve the efficiency and effectivess of service performance provided by the Faculty of Engineering Program UMY. With this standardize, all the services activity will consistently performed by everyone. This SOP can minimize the unclear operational procedures. Beside the consistency service, this standard can make the result more efficient and effective. This procedures make the staff who provide the services are capable to utilize or perform better and faster because of  the continous learning process. It was ensured that this SOP can improve the effieciency and effectiveness of job performance.

List of the Academic SOP (Standard Operational Procedure) Faculty of Engineering Program UMY :

  1. Academic Procedure for Change the Study Plan Card (KRS)
  2. Academic Procedure for Evaluation and Assessment of Competency-based Curriculum (KBK)
  3. Academic Procedure for Practice of Re-Exam
  4. Academic Procedure for Submission of Scholarship
  5. Academic Procedure for Submission of Bidikmisi Scholarship
  6. Academic Procedure for Change The Course Values
  7. Academic Procedure for Job Training
  8. Academic Procedure for Final Assignment
  9. Academic Procedure for Judicial Registration Process
  10. Academic Procedure for Graduation Process of Graduation Candidates
  11. Academic Procedure for Handling Violations of Ethics
  12. Academic Procedure for Student Process Drop Out
  13. Academic Procedure for Graduation
  14. Academic Procedure for the Process of Permition College
  15. Academic Procedure for the Process of Switch College
  16. Academic Procedure for Academic Administration
  17. Academic Procedure for Free References
  18. Academic Procedure for Final Project
  19. Administration Procedure for Dispensation Process Payment
  20. Administration Procedure for Laboratory Service
  21. Administration Procedure for Lend and Return Faculty Tools
  22. Administration Procedure for Academic Services Improvement and Curriculum Review
  23. Administration Procedure for Legalization Transcripst Diploma
  24. Administration Procedure for Outgoing Mail
  25. Administration Procedure for Incoming Mail
  26. Administration Procedure for Student Proposal
  27. Administration Procedure for Borrow or Use Official Car
  28. Administration Procedure for Financial Service for Student Activities
  29. Administration Procedure for Service Submission of RKA
  30. Administration Procedure for Official Travel
  31. Administration Procedure for Laboratory Loan and Laboratory Equipment
  32. Administration Procedure for Submission and Functional Lecturer
  33. Administration Procedure for Reporting Evaluation and Study Program
  34. Administration Procedure for Sanctions Against Students
  35. Administration Procedure for Handle ALUMNI
  36. Administration Procedure for Storage File
  37. Administration Procedure for Preparation of Accreditation Documents
  38. Administration Procedure for Submission Sponsorship
  39. Administration Procedure for Request of Office Stationery
  40. Administration Procedure for Lend a Hall
  41. Administration Procedure for Lend a Reference Collection
  42. Administration Procedure for Make an Active Certificates
  43. Academic Procedure for Submission of the Course Value
  44. Administration Procedure for Cooperation Process
  45. Administration Prosedure for Budget Submission to Follow the Seminar

E. Supporting Information Systems

Management of Archives devided into :

1.  Sistem Informasi Arsip Universitas

2. Sistem Informasi Arsip Fakultas

3. AMAI (Audit Mutu Akademik Internal)

        4. Sistem Anggaran Universitas

5. Sistem Anggaran Fakultas

6. Sistem Informasi Eksekutif

7. Sistem Informasi Kemahasiswaan Teknik

8. Sistem Informasi Akademik

9. Simkatmawa