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Information Systems Research and Community Service (SIMLIPTABMAS UMY) (read more)


Introduction :

This Leading Research Department is the adoption of Strategic Research of Ditlitabmas (Directorate of Reseach and Community Service) and is an intensive study to overcome various problems of the Indonesian nation. The theme of research was stated strategic if that research can help solve problems in society and nation. The research topics refer to the Strategic Primary Research Master Plan of the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta 2015-2025. All areas of study are directed to the development and character building of the nation.

Aims to :

This Leading Research Study Program aims to:

  1. facilitate the support of research funding for proposers in the study program to conduct research that can solve problems relevant to various problems in Indonesia;
  2. orient the capability of the proposer who already has a roadmap of research to build and form technological roadmaps to support user-oriented research and development activities; and
  3. answer the nation’s strategic issues for the short, medium and long term related to the twelve strategic themes

Research Outcomes :

The Leading Strategic Research Study Program is expected to produce compulsory output in the form of :

  1. Publication in accredited national scientific journals or internationally reputable journals; and
  2. IPTEKS-SOSBUD product process in the form of method, blue print, prototype, system, policy or model that is strategic and national scale; or
  3. Appropriate technology that can be directly utilized by the community (along with the guidelines for its application).

Furthermore, this research can generate additional output in the form of :

  1. Intellectual Property Rights (HKI)
  2. Textbooks

Research and Proposal Criteria :

The general criteria and requirements of the National Strategic Research Proposal are :

  1. The proposer is a Department in Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta
  2. The proposer team consists of UMY permanent lecturers with NIDN (with the exception of lecturers from the Faculty of Islamic Studies)
  3. The proposer team maximum for four people (one chair and maximum three members) is preferred multi-disciplinary, the chief researcher is preferably educated doctoral degree (S-3) or Head Lector
  4. The head proposer team must have track record adequate and relevant to the proposed topic
  5. Each proposer is only allowed to obtain this research program for a maximum of two periods as chairman and / or member; except for researchers who successfully publish their research results in reputable journals, obtain IPR, or create appropriate technology utilized directly by the community, may propose for the next period
  6. Each proposer may only propose 1 proposal in the same year, either as chairman or as member
  7. The Leading Reseach Study Program the longest time of research are 8 months
  8. The fund range of Rp 15,000,000 – Rp 30,000,000 per proposal
  9. Conducting research (including the use of funds) shall be documented in the form of logbooks, including dates, activities, and results obtained
  10. After the research is completed, the researchers should present their research results in scientific forums and publish them in accredited national journals or at least in national journals
  11. The output of this research is 1 hard copy, proof of submission of 1 manuscript of publication in a national accredited journal or proof of submission of 2 manuscripts in national journal to ISSN on the 8th month, and collected in LP3M by each department.


Background :

Partnership Research Program is intended as a research activity in order to foster and guide researchers to improve their ability in conducting research in universities. The scope of this program is research that covers the fields of health, law, social-humanities, agriculture, mathematics, education, engineering, economics, sport, religion, literature-philosophy, psychology, arts, and culture. This research is for Lecturers who have not yet posh academic function Head Lector and not yet hold doctoral degree

In line with the Tri Dharma Improvement of Higher Education Universitas  Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta field of research, Partnership Research is one of the research scheme devoted to the permanent lecturer of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. In addition, to directing and fostering the ability to research, this program is also expected to become a tool for Lecturers to accelerate student graduation. After the research is completed, the researchers are required to submit a research report, the outcome of a scientific publication, and Final Assignment to the student who is a member or a partner.

Aims to :

The objectives of this Partnership Research are:

  1. to enhance research cooperation between lecturers and students
  2. to accelerate student graduation
  3. to enrich teaching materials and research data of lecturers in order to publish research in scientific journals, both locally and nationally accredited

Research Outcomes :

The obligatory outline of the Partnership Research is a scientific publication in a local journal that has an ISSN or accredited national journal. Additional outputs expected from this research are : teaching materials, final assignment (The Last Assignment / Skripsi) of students, research reports, and / or publication texts.

Criteria and Proposer :

The criteria and requirements of the proposed Partnership Research are described below:

  1. is a permanent lecturer who is not on a studying basis
  2. The Research Team is 3 – 5 persons, with the maximum S-2 educated chairman and the maximum functional position of the Lector
  3. Students who are working on Final Project, at least 2 people for laboratory-based research as evidenced by the existence of specimens or specimens and treatments, or 3 persons for non-laboratory-based research, with proven certificate / appointment as supervisor of Final Project students concerned
  4. In the same year, the research team was only allowed to propose one research proposal either as chairman or as a researcher member
  5. The Chief Researcher is not currently the lead researcher on other research funded by Ditlitabmas Ditjen Dikti
  6. Each researcher is only allowed to obtain a Partnership Research twice, either as a member or as the lead researcher
  7. The proposed research should be relevant to the field of applied science and the subjects being taught
  8. The research period is eight months with maximum research cost Rp. 10.000.000, – (one million rupiah) per title
  9. The research proposal is submitted to LP3M UMY in hardcopy as much as 2 copies and 1 copy is stored in the related study program.


Aims to :

  1. To encourage lectures of UMY to conducting research based on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  2. Produce 5 potential research results of Intellectual Property Rights
  3. Expected that after conducting research, it can compete in research programs funded by Ditlitabmas or Ministry of Research and Technology

General Requirements :

  1. The research referred to in this IPR-Based Research is a research that produces new findings which will be registered to the Directorate of Intellectual Property Rights of Depkumham RI.
  2. This research can be from the development of research sourced from thesis, dissertation, or skripsi.
  3. The research theme refers to the theme of leading research on UMY Research Master Plan 2012 -2016.
  4. The result of this research is attached by the proof of registration of IPR from the Director General of IPR.