1. Announcement of Disdikpora DIY Scholarship 2018
  2. Announcement of Student Achieve Bank Syariah Mandiri Scholarship (BSM) Year 2017-2018
  3. Announcement of UMY Scholarships Year Academic 2018/2019

UMY realizes that there are still many potential nation’s children who are hampered by their college wishes because of the cost difficulties. UMY currently provides a variety of student schemes derived from UMY’s own funding sources as well as from outside UMY.


General Scholarship

This type of scholarship is for outstanding students with academic and quota requirements determined by each faculty. The requirement of this scholarship application is by attaching student card and academic transcript. The recipients of this scholarship will get assistance in the form of freeing SPP money for two semesters. Opening for this scholarship is conducted in March – May. Generally, there are about 10-15 scholarship recipients for each faculty.

Major Achievement Scholarship

This type of scholarship requires the prospective scholarship recipient to make a paper which is then presented in addition to the student card requirements and academic transcripts. This scholarship is also prioritized for students who are active in the organization. Implementation in March – May and selected three people to get coaching money.

Special Achievement Scholarship

This types of scholarships for outstanding students who have academic or extracurricular activities. For that, the requirement that must be fulfilled to apply for this scholarship is a Certificate of achievement that has been achieved in addition to student cards and academic transcripts. Implementation carried out in March – May. The scholarship recipients will also earn coaching money.

Kopertis Region V

Super Semar Scholarship

This types of scholarships requiring student cards and academic transcripts for scholarships worth Rp 1.800.000, – / year. Admission of this type of scholarship is held around February – March.

BBM Scholarship

This type of scholarship is intended as one way to help ease the burden of tuition fees so that the completion of the study period is delayed. With this scholarship award, scholarship providers hope that students can ease the burden of their parents / guardians, improve academic achievement, and help their study be completed on time. The scholarship recipients will get Rp 250.000, – / month / student for 12 months. The scholarship receipt is held from February to March.

Requirements that must be fulfilled by the prospective scholarship recipients are still recorded as S-1 students at least semester IV and maximum semester X. Have a minimum GPA of 2.50 in the last year and priority for GPA 3.00 and above. For students the extension of the GPA is at least equal to the GPA during the first submission. Not a grantee or being applying for another scholarship.

Scholarships are preferred for students who are active in student activities programmed by Higher Education. Comes from an incompetent family with a maximum income of Rp 1,500,000, – for a parent / guardian with a dependent one child and a maximum of Rp 2.250.000, – for a parent / guardian with the responsibility of two or more college children.

PPA Scholarship

Scholarships are similar to BBM Scholarships, but PPA scholarships are prioritized for exact students, such as students of the Faculty of Engineering and Medicine. There are about 400 PPA and BBM scholarship quota per year.

From Outside UMY

Yogyakarta Provincial Education and Culture Scholarship

This types of scholarships for outstanding students by showing information as a native of DIY in addition to student cards and academic transcripts. The amount of scholarships worth Rp 1.800.000, – / year which its implementation in September. There are approximately six quota for this scholarship recipient.